A Pestpruf Lapidarium.

A repository of fragmented thoughts, notions, & obsessions.

In a word, parts of a nonexistent whole, posing the problem of what to do with them.

Hear again: alphaVille, Forever Young (September ‘84).
Hear again: depeche Mode, Some Great Reward (September ‘84).
Hear again: Åke Parmerud, Osynlig musik (September ‘94).
Hear again: Laibach, Boji b/w Sila; Brat moj (February ‘84).
"I think I’m doing the same as I was 30 years ago. I’m still trying to find soppy romantic melodies mixed with a bit of chaos. That’s what I’ve always done, I think. It is not really a question of moving forward."

— Kenny Wheeler (1930–2014), Kenny Wheeler, Ennio Morricone, and Wayne Shorter, All About Jazz, Dec. 30, 2003.

𝄢 New sounds all around: La Roux, Kiss And Not Tell.

𝄢 Hear again: v/a, 84–48 (January ‘84).
Gear fetish: 2014 Paul Smith Lanyon PM4068S 5063/6I.
Consider Rawson’s Do Not Adjust Your Set.

𝄢 New sounds all around: Johnny Marr, Easy Money.

"You could give a number of drum samples and a couple of loops to five different people, and you’d get five different flavours even if they had their hands on the same basic material. That’s just how it is. Some people have something special, whatever they do has a specific vibe to it."
 — Christian Falk (1962–2014), Musikjournalen: Dans, Sveriges Radio P3, 1999.
𝄢 Hear again: Autechre, Anti EP (September ‘94).
𝄢 Hear again: Bryan Ferry, Mamouna (September ‘94).
Consider Davis’ Tournos.